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Posted by | May 27, 2015 | Landscape Advice, Winter | No Comments


Bare rooted trees…

Winter is a fantastic time for planning your garden and planting now will give your new plants the best chance to establish before the heat of the summer season. It is also the time of year when all the best of the classic and new varieties of bare rooted plants become available.

The trees and shrubs are field grown and dug up in their dormancy and sold for planting from June to August.   You can purchase those trees you have been coveting, often at half the cost of container plants. Most deciduous trees including fruit trees, ornamental trees, roses are available.

Some of our favorites are the Japanese Maple, Dwarf Pink Lady Apple, Forest Pansy…

Why not book a consult with Simon now, get some advice about the best bare rooted varieties to complement your garden so that you can enjoy your beautiful flourishing trees and plants come spring time.


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