Gardening in Winter? - Hedge and Stone

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Gardening in winter

Not too cold for some…

Winter in Melbourne can be cold and gloomy and we are all happiest snug inside our warm homes…the last thing we are thinking about is our gardens and outdoor areas…however, there are a few reasons why winter is a fantastic time to consider revamping your outdoor spaces…

Planting during the winter gives plants the best opportunity for plants to establish before the summer, all the best of the bare-rooted plant stock is available and there is no need to nurse juvenile plants with constant watering.

As we do tend to spend much more of our time inside and use our backyards far less during the colder months, undergoing a home garden & landscape overhaul during the winter means there is minimal impact and inconvenience for you and your family.

May sees the beginning of the off-season for the construction industry, however landscapers and gardeners work rain, hail or shine.   Around grand final weekend in September, the phone starts ringing off the hook and it is hammer and tongs for remainder of the peak season. Booking a project in now means greater flexibility for you.

Why not book a consult with Simon now and kick start your winter landscaping project so that you can enjoy your beautiful new outdoor space and flourishing, gorgeous garden as soon as the warm weather returns to us in spring.

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